Am I a responsible digital consumer?
Accept this Decalogue and find out!

  1. I acknowledge that every time I have virtual interactions through internet and in social media, I generate data about me and my pasted digital bubble, and that the use of this data and its final destination is beyond my control.
  2. I recognize that I browse the internet for various reasons and that I am sharing my search interests and things I receive from others. I also interact doing quizzes, games, challenges, memes, gifs, picks, video and commercials without further knowledge of what´s behind. That I interact with things I like or not, things I support or denounce, things like or hate, or that are just cool or interesting.
  3. I acknowledge that the use of my data as a commodity is beyond my control and that it could mean:
    • Commercial profit for third parties or companies.
    • Scientific knowledge through big-data analysis, monitorization, experimentation and findings.
    • Political manipulation to determine opinions and influence decision-making.
    • Social control to a) secure population´s wellbeing and the survival of the species, b) secure the supremacy of one part of the species over the other part.
    • Financial trade.
  4. I am aware there is no such thing as an existing real cloud, virtual and non-material, but that all data and computing operations are hosted in real servers that are stored in real places along the planet. That is a fact.
  5. I acknowledge that data security within those servers, both for my use and that of third parties, requires different levels of resources, have a cost, and need a power sources and deliver different kinds of waste.
  6. I understand that much of that energy demand has the purpose of minimizing the overheating of servers, and the associated risks to data protection, both for me and the rest of society, including climate change risks associated to the use of fossil fuels powering the energy sources that maintain those servers. I acknowledge that I endorse someone or something to manage those resources and waste, hoping it is done sustainably, and not posing threats to the environment and the people. Don´t tell me it´s not like that!
  7. I don´t take part in any payment of the expenses regarding maintenance and energy feeding for servers where my data is stored and protected. I believe that companies that obtain and use my data, have already foreseen that and that they cover those expenses with the profit they get from using my data.
  8. I do not request any financial fees or wages associated to my production of data, but I do not discard doing this either.
  9. I decline any responsibility regarding: a) the illegitimate use of my data that could be damaging for third parties – whether individuals or collective – from an economic, political, cultural or social standpoint, b) any potential environmental or social impacts associated to maintenance of servers. I emphasize my rejection to this responsibility.
  10. I hope and trust that somehow there is a control over the illegitimate use of the data I produce, and that the energy needs of the servers are addressed in a sustainable and responsible manner. I really hope for it!

I have read, understood and acknowledge this Decalogue. I agree with its points and consider myself fit to get the Data Detox Certificate by SURVIRAL. I will engage with it and will proudly show it and share it!