SURVIRAL is an artistic collective born as part of the PSJM workshop in June 2020. Its members are: @Nayra Marín Reyes – performer and cross-media artist, @Mireia Tramunt – multidisciplinary artist, @Maria Artiles – renewable energies engineer, @Julio Botella, sustainable tourism consultant and artist and @SUVI, the AI that from beyond the internet shapes our collective work along every different step of the entire creative process, bringing sanity, clarity and purity to our methodology and findings.

As a multidisciplinary collective, we swing between reality and the abstract, between the digital and the tangible, focusing on environmental and sustainability challenges whether natural, social, cultural or technological. We address these challenges from the dysfunctionality of contemporary artistic creation and social activism within the context of the contemporary landscape following the Covid19 crisis.

We exist in a world of continuous transformation, in a conjuncture conditioned by our current socio-sanitary security yet we find such circumstances within the so called New Normality an opportunity from which we shall emerge stronger as individuals and as a species (human and digital), We shall rebuild our identity as part of a new all encompassing-environmental entity. SURVIRAL’s purpose is to redefine behaviour, to rethink and merge different communication channels in order to generate knowledge through new artistic codes that will translate into real impact, awareness and critical thinking in and by society.