PSJM, a creation, theory and management team consisting of Cynthia Viera and Pablo San José, together with the Culture Department of the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and enjoying the support of the European Union (Archipel.eu), are organizing the third Biotopíasexhibition on art and ecology, where the double ecological and digital nature from the second exhibition is explored in further detail with interventions in Doramas Park and at SaladeArteSocial.COM

Biotopias 3 combines the work of artists present at major international events with that of outstanding artists from the Canary Islands art scene . Doramas Park will be home to “The flower that came from the stars” by the New York artist Elena Bajo, in which sculptural installation, poetry, dance and performance all come together to discuss our natural history; “The flow of matter” by Stefano Cagol from Italy, a minimalist and participative installation that reflects on anthropogenic interference in the balance, cycles and movements of the elements; “Fontaine”, by Nicolás Laiz Placeresfrom Lanzarote, a two-sided fountain that acts as a reminder of the relationship between industrial societies and nature, and the “Manifestation of the Trade Union of the United Sapling”, in which Ana Beltrá , from Gran Canaria, gives voice to the plants and trees in the park with a colourful and playful installation of banners.

SaladeArteSocial.COM, a digital space devoted to net.art, will be hosting the online development of these pieces, providing new web experiences accessible at all times by means of a QR code engraved on the sustainable signs located in Doramas Park.

Biotopías, as Cynthia Viera and Pablo San José point out, “poetically expresses aesthetic responses to the urgent situation of the planet”, and so this third event reiterates the starting premises of the project: the creation of sustainable work produced locally, the participation of different artists and collectives with experience in the field, equal balance in relation to gender equality, a collaborative and participative character, performance in the public and digital space, as well as spectacularity subordinated to ecological values, conditions that redound in the long-term goal of “Biotopias”: “to raise awareness through creativity and the ethical behaviour of environmental justice”.

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