Elena Bajo (Madrid, 1976) lives and works in both New York and Berlin. For “Biotopias 3” she has created “The flower that came from a star”, a delicate piece that blends sculptural installation, poetry, dance and performance. She is interested in different ways of reconnecting and creating awareness, creating a space for access, a “portal” to the narratives of the history of place through natural entities and their relationship with humans: plants, minerals, elements such as water, air and earth, and phenomena such as volcanos, energies in which changes occur. We are aware of these changes through traces, geological markers of deep time and deep space. Elena Bajo takes a poet look at how these elements converge in a “witness to the past that contains all our imaginable futures”. Deep traces in the space and time of these mysterious islands, the Canary Islands, that lead us to imagine the past and rediscover what we once were.

The piece is based on a poem written by the artist and based on the plant cytisus canariensis; the poem was engraved on five large basaltic rocks. It works as the script that activates a performance by three dancers on the opening day, based on a choreography created by Bajo. The recording of the performance can be viewed at any time at SaladeArteSocial.COM via a QR code on the sign next to the piece in Doramas Park. The piece also extends to Net.art with an interactive 3D experience that activates different key words and gestures in the poetic text and dance.

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