Ana Beltrá (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1978) feels the need to give plants a voice, precisely because they do not have one and because their manifestations in response to our actions come with little room for manoeuvre. Beltrá wishes to dissolve the frontier that exists between citizens and the green mass in cities. She wants to remember that we are eco-dependent and that our personal development can only take place within the context of a healthy planet. Through painting and its expansion, Beltrá depicts new jungles, a life closer to the green, a wooded scenario where the benefits of a grove of trees are proclaimed and we are reminded that this is where we come from and that without it there is no vital sustenance.

In “Manifestación del Sindicato del Plantón Unido”, our artist presents the expressive mobilization of a fictitious collective of plants, whose mission is to disseminate the benefits of plants in cities and the demand for more green spaces. Through the dramatization of this union and by endowing plants with human idioms, it invites us to change the perception we have of them. In Doramas Park, Beltrá presents us with a large installation of plants and trees in a varied display of banners and posters. Ana Beltrá gives these living beings a philosophy, an identity of their own with a poetic, playful, colourful and incisive language: a movement of plants that have a lot to say and that come into the light in order to be heard wherever they are “planted”.

As a Net.art project, the artist has placed an online survey of the United Sapling Union at SaladeArteSocial.COM, because, in the words of the plants themselves, “We want to know how people feel about us and what they expect from us”.

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