The work of Nicolás Laiz Placeres (Lanzarote, 1975) reflects on landscape, exoticism and the construction of nature as a cultural, social and economic concept. In “Biotopias 3”, our artist presents “Fontaine”, a sculptural piece that acts as a reminder of the relationship between nature and industrial societies, which basically over-exploit natural resources with no restraint. It is a neoclassical fountain with a Corinthian column and two dolphins jumping between corals, integrated into the context of Doramas as if it were just another fountain in the park. The piece has an Apollonian white side, and on the opposite side, a medley of colours typical of the microplastic material that the artist has gathered from the “paradisiacal” beaches of Lanzarote. The daily consumption of single-use plastic packaging accounts for sixty percent of all the plastic produced on the planet. Much of it ends up in the oceans. The direct solution is complex, but if we avoid consuming ephemeral packaging, we could bring a large part of the pollution generated by these products under control.

The project extends to Net.art with the presentation at SaladeArteSocial.COM of three actions carried out on the beaches of Lanzarote, in which apparently idyllic views hide the crude ubiquity of microplastics.

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