HWC is born from a collective feeling, influenced and managed by the daily social rhythms and routines, focused on the leisure / work duality, heart of our times, and the analysis of the impact of such lifestyle on our health. Understanding that the kind capitalist alienation we enjoy, is a complex set of traps, in a law of supply and demand style, applied to every aspect that allows us to live together as individuals, in a way that we can understand as “decent”.

We stand in front of the paradigmatic subjugation of our construction as humans, facing the crushing monster that is the hypermodernroutine. As an interesting experiment with which this drift begins, the analyses and reflections of four individuals, of different sexes, ages and origins, have been placed in common, concluding in the lack of relevance of moments of self- contemplation and pause within the hectic routine.

The strange and absurd pseudo-spiritual methodology with which the capitalist system seduces us invites is once again to be accepted by the wellnessuniverse, assuring us in an ultra- commercial and super-cosified way, a physical-psychological relationship envied by the gods.
Put at our service in formats that are already obsolete, material, palpable… Who has the time and desire to touch anything? Attending group spiritual or sports activities is an option that far from being something, many times, affordable, is also unnatural or forced in our schedule of duties, turning what should be a situation of enjoyment and liberation into one more insipidus automation of our time.

A strange madness has taken hold of the working classes of the nations where capitalist civilization dominates. This madness results in the individual and social miseries that, for centuries, have tortured sad humanity. This madness is the love of work, the dying passion for work, driven to the exhaustion of the vital forces of the individual and his children.
Instead of reacting against this mental aberration, priests, economists and moralists have sacralised work. Blind and untalented men wanted to be wiser than their god; weak and despicable men wanted to rehabilitate what their god had cursed. I, who do not declare myself to be a Christian, an economist or a moralist, raise before their judgment, that of their God; before the preachings of their religious, economic and free-thinking morality, the frightful consequences of work in capitalist society 1.

Our movement facing the astonishment of such structures is to respond under the same strategies of a platform / web market focused on all classes, under an accepted Zen / ultra- futuristic image (after all, competition is a cornerstone of democracy). As a fake corporate we generated the HWC portal, which functions as a pseudo-archive cyber-chamanic sanatorium in the format of friendly interactive capsules, containing the wonderful micro-routines, as pills. Relaxing visual games, ASMR, infinity room, sound passages like mantras, guided meditations, etc. A succession of brief encounters with the sensations of yourvirtual self, or much more than that, with yourspiritual virtual self.
As we explained before, we understand the system’s basic functioning and how far it is to run away from it in an antagonistic way, so our exchange value for the client, meaning, your credit, will be your time, the time you invest in performing our rituals (a symbolic credit that nourishes this company) that will be shown on the web in a timer format.

1 (Translated by the authors) Lafargue, P. (2013) El derecho a la pereza. Madrid: Maia Ediciones

Thus arises an absurd mechanism based on the premise of Lafarge, whose vision of the work of workers determines that their productivity impoverishes them. The client receives stimuli of appropriate images and audios, and even the logo is a self-generated element, reaffirming the discourse. This credit can be used after completing one of the possible tours. You will be offered the possibility of accessing our boutique in order to exchange your time and obtain the CERTIFICATE, that sacred symbol on which we base our possible aspirations of professional future, with which we now also guarantee our most intimate and transcendental progresses in the most pure welcome pack style.

Subliminally inducing in the individual processed by HWC the right dose of momentary unblocking, in order to be able to continue enduring the hard life of the middle class, white, western, etc., such a process of vital transformation becomes an absurd manifesto that promotes social isolation and extreme postmodern values, resulting from the “holocaustic” financial hacking that affects our positioning in society, our personal relationships and our range of elective possibilities to face life in general.
This confrontation between the spiritual and the material in web format, under the aforementioned intentions, postulates a human / post-internet relationship of absolute abjection, under the vision of a futuristic Bataille. It is curious how all this tangle of connections created by the sordid welfare economy (without individual welfare, there can be no social welfare) is complemented by the theory of wellness defined by Halbert L. Dunn as an integrated method of functioning that is oriented to maximize the potential of each individual. This requires that a continuous general balance is to be maintained in the established direction, within the environment where it is located. A relationship that invites some sort of perhaps, not so conspiratorial theories, related to the value of our overall health. In short, for us, Human Wealth Corporation, under our disturbing and absurd practices that attempt to change the viewer through our cyber-circuit-spa, uncertainty is the greatest prize.