The problem is diagnosed in the 18-35 age group, but access to “freemium” services occurs much earlier, even in children under the age of ten.

These services focused on minors are designed to generate a future addiction through the gestation of a routine and the repetition of gambling habits, based on an in-depth study of the psychological and ultra-informed configurations in the stimuli offered through a screen for producing hormonal secretions of dopamine. We have developed a line of work in which the goal is to make an analytical study to address this problem, focused on hyper-marketing that target at an early age, planting the seed of the new popular visual culture.

Under this idea comes The Bunners, an online game in which, appropriating the work of Takashi Murakami, we combine the candy aesthetic with the iconography of online casinos. By reproducing the strategies used by this type of platform such as children’s drawings, repetition of sounds, combination of colors or flashing images, artistic codes are used to generate attraction and addiction. Playing with The Bunners the user will gradually be introduced to a new experience that is increasingly sordid.