We are a multidisciplinary collective, from different territories, coming together through art. Maria Mas Pastor, Graphic Designer, Kuyén, Researcher, Laura Castilla Toledo and Lucía Baltar González, both Multidisciplinary Artists. We combine creative intentions from the mask as a device and everything that it encompasses, such as credibility, possibility, doubt, role reversal, hoax, etc.

Directing the focus on concepts like: territory, identity, feminism, post-truth, anthropology of the body and emotions, we seek to problematize relevant contemporary aspects.

The purpose of working on this is to generate a questioning of the reality: if there is a reality that is accepted, practically, a priori, how could it be possible that we were not being manipulated by those who manage it according to their interests?
It is necessary to make the invisible tangible in order to reach other places.

We work together from our spheres of knowledge, using different tools to create our work, considering the exploration of new ways of language and communication, such as net.art.